QQ music × B.Duck collaborated gift box!

The Hongkong birthed popular character B.Duck had a collaborated with the Chinese Music Media, QQ music! So an adorable gift box will make the music cooler!


When talking about B. Duck, it is always showing the image related to the shower. Therefore, QQ music wants to collaborate with B.Duck to create a relax and cute atmosphere when you have a shower.

The gift box has been composed of a card (Limited Edition Year Card), a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, B.Duck itself and a bath ball.



The limited-edition year card is specialized by QQ music, which is unlocked massive music and lossless sound quality, as well as rich membership benefits.

The Bluetooth speaker with the IPX4 waterproof function, there is no fear of splashing water and water mist to ensure the playback effect of each song. The unique silicone suction cup lanyard design allows it to be conveniently placed in every corner of the bathroom, allowing the user to enjoy a full-scale music “wash” at 360° without a dead end.



-Title: QQ music × B.Duck collaborated gift box! 

-Period: From 2019.8.8 

-Place: QQ music online

-Price: 542RMB





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