“Minion” design appeared in “Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap” -The second commercialization plan “Minion Monsters” is now available in limited

From September 2nd, Reckitt Benckiser Japan has developed a medicinal soap “Muse”, which is with a history of about 65 years, collaborated with the world ’s popular character “Minion”, who is dressed as “Monster” in the new collaboration of  “Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap Minion” and “Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap Minion Monsters”, were released nationwide in limited.


Medicinal soap “Muse” has been on sale for about 65 years. The no-touch foam hand soap, which features that the foam comes out automatically when the hand is held over the main body, received a favorable reception when it launched a collaboration product with “Minion” in April, and decided to release it again. In addition, “Minion Monsters,” a “Minion” dressed as a “Monster,” was commercialized as the second installment.




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