A POP-UP shop of Kanahei in Taiwan

The very popular character of Japan, Kanahei, is continuing her trip of Tawan, after Taipei, this time, she came to Taichung city.

From Aug. 9th to Sep. 22th, the pop-up shop, themed by Kanahei’s Niu Niu World, has been held at Taichung Caowu Square (No. 534 Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City) and for free!


The huge pink rabbit and white Piske will stand in front of you before entering the shop.


The most attractive attraction at the entrance of the shop is the three-meter-nine giant capsule toy machine, which also contains the unique products that are not sold in the store, and occasionally change the surprise products in the capsule toy.


In addition to the vivid and lovely taking photo wall, there are also carbonated drinks printed with Kanahei’s animals that look cute and quench guest thirst.



The store is full of official goods, including fluffy dolls, stationery, 3C accessories, carry-on small items, T-shirts, make-up products, etc. Many of the exclusive new series of Kanahei’s animals are only limited sold in the Taichung city.




-Title: A POP-UP shop of Kanahei in Taiwan

-Period: 2019.8.10-2019.9.22


-Place: Taichung caowu Square (No. 534 Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City) 






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