“Gundam vs Hello Kitty” Showdown Project 7th Stage-New chess design goods at Sanrio shops nationwide

On August 17, Sanrio released the chess design collaboration goods, including Gundam Goods and Hello Kitty Goods at all Sanrio Shops, Sanrio Corner of Department Stores and Sanrio Online Shop.


Chess Design’s of “Collaboration of Gundam vs Hello Kitty” collaboration goods are available in two types: T-shirts and tote bags.


There are about 30 types of Gundam / Hello Kitty goods, including face towels, mugs, secret packaged can badges and acrylic key chains.






In addition to the product release, as the 7th stage of the “Gundam vs Hello Kitty” Showdown project, which began in April, “Photos” of purchased products last one month from August 17th to September 16th, posting with the “hashtag” specified by the character you want to support, and the number of posts determines the victory or defeat of the 7th stage of Gundam vs Hello Kitty. Each contributor (Gundam / Kitty) will receive a complete set of chess design goods.

Also, in the “Gundam vs Hello Kitty” project, you can register your “Gundam Kitty LINE Official Account” in LINE, choose Gundam or Hello Kitty, and participate in each stage to support the selected character throughout the year. You also can collect points from LINE. The Sanrio Shop will have a QR code that collect points until September 16th. You can get luxury prizes from the top rankings of the year.



-Title: Gundam vs Hello Kitty Chess Design Promotion

-Design:  Collaboration of Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Design, Gundam Design, Hello Kitty Design.

-Release date: Saturday, August 17

-Sales route: Sanrio stores and Sanrio Corner of Department stores etc. (* Some stores are not available.) and Sanrio Online Shop (* Launched on Wednesday, August 21)




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