“Dragon Quest” first official baby kids brand is born!

Square Enix has launched “Dragon Quest Baby & Kids”, the first official “Dragon Quest” brand for babies and kids from 0-year-old infants to primary school students.

There is a brave birth celebration treasure box set and picture book is scheduled to sell for fall this year.


“Dragon Quest” will be welcome its 33 years old, and players also meet their  2 and 3 generations. The generation of products will be a communication tool for parents and children and grandchildren.

The products scheduled to be released are “Dragon Quest Baby & Kids Style Slime” and “Dragon Quest Baby & Kids Style Set (King Slime / Slime Tower)”.All the products are made by the skin-friendly material.



In addition, “Dragon Quest Baby & Kids Brave Birth Celebration Treasure Box Set” is contained of “Lot’s Armor Styling/ Lotto’s Hat/Lotto’s Sword Rattle/Lotto’s Shield Rattle/Adventure Book/Memorial Book/Attached Sticker, which will be used before 16-year-old.
In “Dragon Quest”, 16-year-old is recognized as one person to mature, so the envelope of the last page of the book of adventures memorial book is sealed with a “paper letter to give to you on 16 years old”.


The slime Pippi picture book for children 0-2 years old, a book designed from Dragon Quest Baby & Kids, features a variety of slime movements, colorful shades, and a large king slime. The picture book “Dragon Quest Aiueo” for 3 to 5 years old children, which can learn the basics of words with monsters, and introduces the correct hiragana and the things around him that start with those words in an easy-to-understand manner (both September 30 Release). 







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