Travel follows with HELLO KITTY in Taiwan! A super FUN train around the Island

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello! The “Hello Kitty Fun Train” around the island is now officially started at 7/4! 

This summer, the Taiwan Railways Administration, and Taiwan Sanrio worked together to wear the new cute clothes to the Formosa Express. From the appearance to the interior of the train, there are full Hello Kitty.! Each corner is worth to take photos!


The concept of the design is following HELLO KITTY to visit Taiwan, which attracts many people to enjoy the fun traveling on the lovely train to get the wonderful experience of the beautiful view and delicious food in Taiwan!


Besides the so cute appearance out of the train, the inner is much more extremely cute. When you walked into the compartment, you can jump into the HELLO KITTY’s world, and the seat head pillow is full of her! In addition, the wallpaper of the luggage rack is also painted with HELLO KITTY color drawings!



The special design in the dining car is the pink theme of  HELLO KITTY! Super cute and come true your teenage dream!


This collaboration is not only a fun train, but there is also planning to launch some goods collaborated with HELLO KITTY, such as postcard and file folder in the future.






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