Movie “Bumblebee” × “Go-Go Curry” Collaboration Campaign

NBC Universal Entertainment Japan will launch a collaborative campaign with Go Go Curry from August 7th in commemoration of the Blu-ray & DVD release of the movie Bumblebee.


The movie “Bumblebee”, which is being released on Blu-ray & DVD, will be the latest in the SF action series that marks the beginning of the blockbuster movie “Transformers”.The reason why Bumblebee and Optimus, who are “extraterrestrial creatures”, have come to the Earth is drawn with an overwhelming battle scene.


In this collaboration, the main character “Bumblebee” and the character “Goriko” of “Go-Go Curry” have collaborated, and in the “Go-Go Curry” store, “Roast Cutlet Curry” is the most popular menu item. The first clear file of collaboration design will be presented as a first-come-first-served basis (ends as soon as it is gone) The target stores will also offer original design placemats and posters.


Summary of Campaign 

-Period: August 7 (Wed)-31 (Sat)


① “Bumblebee” x “Go-Go Curry” original clear file first-come-first-served

② Provide collaboration design original placemats

③ “Bumblebee” poster posted in the store

④ “Bumblebee” trailer video broadcast in the store




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