“Miffy” kids furniture-my chair, my table released simultaneously

face2face has signed a formal contract with the Danish kids’ furniture brand KOS-Kids of Scandinavia (Kids of Scandinavia) as a regular distributor is selling the popular “Miffy My Chair”, which is hot sold mainly in Europe. And Japan as the first landing site in Asia, a special-purpose sales floor will be set up for a limited time at the Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 6F = toy floor from August 21 and advance sales will be started.

main (11).jpg

Miffy My Chair is hand-made one by one, in anticipation of the feelings of children sitting in their chairs. This is the first time meet with the furniture that children feel surrounding of love from the family. Miffy’s ear-shaped backrest has the same form as the original picture by Dick Bruna.

sub-1 (5).jpgMiffy My Table will be released at the same time, and in the future, they plan to develop products focusing on kids furniture.

sub-2 (2).jpg

This product was designed in Denmark and manufactured by a Swedish furniture maker. Quality as an interior, with a focus on design, adopting a natural, simple, sophisticated modern form unique to Nordic design.

The kanoano official online shop will start pre-order sales from August 21st.

※ Products are shipped one by one from late September. 



http://www.kanoano.com/  (open at Augest)




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