“Kanahei small animals” collaboration shop in 7-ELEVEN opened!

7-ELEVEN has created a collaboration shop of popular character “Kanahei small animals” in Taipei’s Nanjing Fuxing Business Circle. From the front of the store, there is the star of Kanahei small animals-pink rabbit wearing berets to greet you and the dining area in the store show a cute fairytale world. 

main (10).jpg

There are three types of co-branded cups with  CITY CAFE, which are “paper plane”, “parachute” and “good friend”. It is also the exclusive license for the first time in Taiwan 7-ELEVEN products, as long as buy CITY CAFE hot drinks can be free to get.

sub-1 (4).jpg

When you walk into the shop, you will be a world full of pink, dreamy and cute Kanahei small animals. The biggest highlight in the shop is the seating area, with popular characters’ figure doll on the table and chair.

sub-2 (1).jpg
sub-3 (4).jpg
In addition, the exhibition area has a series of fluffy dolls such as Momotaro, Rice Ball Time, and Dreamland Wonderland that come from Japan by air transport, as well as the no-sale signature board of the author, but still many cute goods are on sale!

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