“Sailor Moon” show restaurant opens in Azabujuban

Epic, the Arts, entertainment, and media company will open the show restaurant “Sailor Moon-SHINING MOON TOKYO-” in “Azabujuban” on August 15.

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The popular anime “Sailor Moon” among the world, jumps out the 2.5-dimensional musical stage to become a “show restaurant”, where you can enjoy stage shows and meals simulateously, providing a new form of live entertainment. In addition, Azabujuban, which opens “Sailor Moon-SHINING MOON TOKYO-,” is a hot spot for fans of Sailor Moon fans from home and abroad. They will enjoy the original show to experience the world in the Sailor Moon and also collaboration food or drinks and space for buying original goods.


Equipment outline

-Title: Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO-

-Place: Minato-ku, Tokyo Azabu Juban 1-10-10 Joules A Underground 1F

-Opening date: August 15 (Thu)

※ We accept the general sale of the ticket on official site from July 21st




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