Crayon Shinchan Special Exhibition in Seoul!

The Crayon Shinchan Special Exhibition in Seoul has finally started!

Get your favorite Crayon Shinchan in the I’PARK MALL! Running till 2019.09.01 only! 

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In Korea, Crayon Shinchan is a very popular animation. Starting from SPAO’s new pajamas, Crayon Shinchan has captured all walks of life in Korea. Whether it is a variety of small things in life, coffee shops have a trace of Crayon Shinchan.In this Special Exhibition, you can just walk into the world of the Shinchan and their family or friends living, because of many simulation scenarios are there!


There are also scenes of the kindergarten school bus, as well as the stone statues of the Crayon Shinchan family, each detail is the same as the display in the animation.

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In addition, six experience games related to Crayon Shinchan will bring you to know more about the super-popular animation. But the best place to shoot is the place where there are small new dolls~ each is very delicate and cute!

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In addition, there is also a theme cafe opened. Coffee attached with a new face of crayons shinchan,  as well as super-cute snacks can be purchased, is it very exciting? 

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-Title: Crayon Shinchan Special Exhibition in Seoul

-Period: May 4th – September 1st

-Ticket fee: Adult 13,000 Korean, Youth & children under 18 years old 10,000 Korean

-Place: 23rd Street, Hanjiang Road, Longshan District, Seoul 55 I’PARK MALL Theme Hall 6th Floor 1-1




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