“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind” meets TOWER RECORDS

Tower Records Shibuya will have the collaboration with the TV anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind”. The exhibition “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” filled with “golden experiences” and amusements that can only be done here, such as valuable exhibitions and game experiences, and also the collaboration goods in a limited time from July 19 to August 18 at event space “SpaceHACHIKAI” in the Shibuya store.

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In the exhibition space, we will prepare valuable exhibits such as precious animation originals drawing (subject copy) and free viewing sections of the dubbing script, as well as setting pictures that can only be seen here. Above all, the main originals drawing (real thing) exhibition of “waste waste rush” by Giorno, which became a hot topic immediately after the broadcast, and the exhibition of “countdown illustrations” posted with the official Twitter account for the final round are valuable items that can only be seen in this collaboration. (Countdown illustrations will be added irregularly throughout the exhibition.)

 Furthermore, on August 2nd, the stage event of the arcade game “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-Last Survivor” at Bandai Namco Amusement will be held at the event space on the 5th floor of the same store, for a limited period of August 3 and 4 will hold the free trial meeting. In addition, there will also be a trial terminal for the smartphone game “JoJo’s Pitapatapop” by BANDAI Namco Entertainment.

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Original goods as “Masking Tape” and “Original Stamp” using JoJo’s pitapatapop material of Tower Records as well as a large number of pre-sales and resale products limited to the venue.


In addition, the JoJo Quiz, which was very popular in the 18th year of “Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan meets TOWER RECORDS”, collobrated with “d animation store” where you can get a cast-signed after-play script by lottery will be held.



Event Summary

-Title: “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind” meets TOWER RECORDS

-Place: Tower Records Shibuya 8F SpaceHACHIKAI

-Holding period: July 19 (Fri) -August 18 (Sun) * Can not enter due to closure on August 5 (Mon).

-Opening hours: Weekday 11:00 to 21:00 ※ Last entrance 20:30

-Entrance fee: free

-Visitor privilege: JoJo quiz problem paper

Distributed to all visitors to the SpaceHACHIKAI exhibition hall. 

All questions correct and follow Twitter of Tower Records Shibuya Store, special postcards (all four types) will be presented.

※ Quiz questions and special postcards are daily change

Goods purchase bonus: 14 kinds of business card size cards using Jojo’s pitapatapop material

Buy goods at the venue One gift for each 3,000 yen including tax.

※ The pattern changes depending on the day of the week.


More detail exhibition contents and goods information will be presented on the web page.





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