“Rilakkuma official certification 2019” decided to be held in Tokyo and Osaka!

On the 1st of December, San-X will hold the “Rilakkuma official certification 2019” based on the popular character “Rilakkuma” in Tokyo and Osaka. NIPPAN, the Japanese publishing sales company experienced with a wide range of certification test management will in charge of the certification and collaborate with Kokusai Pulp&Paper Co., Ltd. The application has started from July 5.main.jpg

“Rilakkuma” is the No. 1 loose character in Japan. For such “Rilakkuma fan”, “Rilakkuma official certification 2019” will increase learning the fun of Rilakkuma. The profile of each Rilakkuma, Kori Rakkuma, Kiiro Reitori, and Chai Roi Cogma characters, as well as design series and goods from past generations, past events, etc. presents as questions in the test, which are fans absolutely want to know. There are two levels of this test, beginner and intermediate levels, and you can choose the test way for “application two levels” or “paired application”.


Candidates for this test will receive an exam ticket with a cheering message from Rilakkuma, and an original “Clear Case with Rilakkuma” will be presented at the venue as a benefit for the candidate. In addition, successful applicants will receive a “certification certificate”, and even if they fail, they will receive an information letter containing their name.

 In addition, all applicants who pass the test for beginners and intermediate level will receive an “Original Sticker with Message from Ph.D. Rilakkuma”. A variety of projects are also in preparation, such as support products to boost the exam mood, limited-order product planning for test applicants, and limited product plans that only successful applicants can purchase.

 ※ Details will be announced on the official site from time to time.


Rilakkuma goods will be sold at Tokyo and Osaka venues on the day of the test.




-Title: Rilakkuma official certification 2019

-Organizer: San-X

-Implementation date: December 1 (Sun)

-Conduct area: Tokyo, Osaka

-Deadline for application: October 1 (Tuesday)

-Examination fee: beginner’s 4,600 yen, intermediate 5,500 yen, the two levels applications 9,600 yen

-Pair discount: 8,800 yen for beginners, 9,900 yen for intermediate, 18,700 yen for the two levels applications (for 2 persons each)

※ All tax included

-Qualification: All Rilakkuma fans

-Problem type: Mark sheet type (4 options) and partial description for beginners and intermediate 


  • Beginner level for who has basic knowledge of Rilakkuma and are looking forward to the release of Rilakkuma.
  • Intermediate level for who have acquired the right knowledge of Rilakkuma

-Passing criteria: Beginner level passes with a correct answer rate of 65% or more

An intermediate level passes with a correct answer rate of 75% or more




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