The first Wagashi collaboration of Kirby’s Dream Land and Kyoto “Tsuruya Yoshinobu”

Tsuruya Yoshinobu, a Japanese-style Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) confectionary manufacturer, released a Japanese-style confectionary “Kirby’s Handcrafted”, which is the first collaborated with “Kirby’s Dream Land”, at July 7 in store-limited sell.


Tsuruya Yoshinobu is a highly-skilled Japanese confections shops, no matter in Japan or abroad. In the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, they want to provide the special and Japanese style eating food- Wagashi to the world to show the beautiful and delicious. They decided to collaborate with popular with “Kirby’s Dream Land” result in attracting a wide range of age groups.


“Kirby’s Handcrafted” prints the expression of Kirby, three kinds of expression are developed, and a set of “Ogura An” can have a fluffy golden sky in a set of cans, and a set of “Koshian” can have an auspicious Matsutake plum. The original Japanese style design that expresses the world of Japan to the motif is adopted.



A collection of pieces arranged in a gold-painted painting style in the inner box and a pattern of patterns and characters in the game gently extended into traditional patterns such as checkers, etc. which is a high-quality design.



In addition, you can also enjoy “Mona Kirby” in your own personal recipe, which is unique in the middle of hand-making, and also introduce a petite arrange recipe on a special site.



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