The fan club of Sumikko Gurashi is open!

SKIYAKI aims to provide new value as a pioneer in the field of “FanTech” by providing an omnichannel platform boasting a membership of over 2.59 million members centered on the service “bitfan” that realizes visualization of the amount of heat of fans to artists and creators, so they opened the “Sumiko Gurashi Fan Club” on July 1st.


“Sumiko Gullashi” is a popular San-X character known like “Tarepanda”, “Rilakkuma” and so on. “Sumiko” who always live in a quiet place somewhere in the secret world under the slogan of “This is a honeymoon” exceeded the age and gender from children to adults in a round and soft form and a unique world view and increased fan abroad. The market size has surpassed 20 billion yen, and 2019 is of the 7th anniversary is decided to create the first theater animation, and is scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

[Service outline]

Sumikko Gurashi Fan Club

Membership fee: Entrance fee: 1,000 yen / annual fee: 4,000 yen (excluding tax)

※ “Convenience store payment” “credit card payment” available. 

Free Member Content: News / Announcements

Paid member content: Wallpaper · MEMBERS CARD · admission commemorative goods · newsletter · fan club limited sale goods



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