The world’s first 3D ball styling card collaborated with Pokemon

EazyCard from Taiwan obtained the original factory authorization and launched the world’s first 3D ball styling card, which will be sold at 10:00 on July 3 in the 7-Eleven, family mart and PChome24h.


The super hot video game Pokemon is very popular in Asia, including Taiwan. The collaboration between EasyCard and Pokemon will bring a new wave of using public transportation. People will take the ball-shaped EasyCard to take public transportation and spend at the convenience store. When the consumption is successful, the green light on the ball will light up, just like the successful get the monster by the ball. Not only is the style unique, but the interactive experience is also quite interesting.



On 10:00 am, July 3, the pre-order will be opened. Although the first limited number is 3000, each price is 350 yuan, and each person is limited 4, which is expected to pick up by the 31st of the month, if you don’t grab the first time, you can also participate in the second time of pre-order from July 3rd to July 17th, but you have to wait until September 25th to get it, and the limited number is up to 11,000.

Why don’t you try to put the cute ball in your bag!



-Title: The world’s first 3D ball styling card collaborated with Pokemon

-Period: pre-order 7/3 10:00 am limited 3000

                   7/3-7/17 limited 11000

-Place:  7-Eleven, family mart and PChome24h




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