“Summer Akihabara Electric Town Festival” × “SAO Alixization” collaboration-Three present projects with limited collaboration goods!

Akihabara Electric Town Promotion Association will hold the “Summer Akihabara Electric Town Festival” from July 5th to August 12th.


Akihabara Electric Town while using illustrations drawn by yukata to match summer and you also carry out three present plans for collaboration products. In addition, a collaboration with “Natsuhabara 2019” held at the same time is decided, and if you purchase at least 500 yen at the target store, you will receive a single bookmark of the character from Natsuhabara.

Furthermore, if you set the Sword Art Online Course for the “Natsuhabara 2019” Digital Stamp Rally Project, where you can receive original goods of collaboration characters or three people with collaboration acrylic panels using drawn illustrations of Sword Art Online as original goods, there will present an original poster (B1 size) to 20 people.




<Akihabara Electric Town Festival Official Mascot Character>

<AKIBeAr “Akibear”>

A mysterious bear that appears in the city of Akihabara. The A-shaped silhouette of AKIBA and Inazuma engraved on the chest are a trademark.

<AKIBirDon “Akivardon”>

A spokesman for Akihabara Electric Town. Information is being disseminated on official Twitter. Intellibird, a spokesman for Akihabara Electric Town.

<Gin n Yan “Ginyan”>

In detail in the background circumstances of AKIBA, it is chattery but it is my sister’s skin that I can rely on. The name seems to come from the Ginkgo of Ginkgo trees.






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