Detective Conan Science Search Exhibition is coming@Taiwan

The clue of the incident is not zero…

The detective Conan will come to Taiwan to hold a big science search in Taipei City!


This exhibition is a combination of fun and brainpower and the scientific search is around Maori Kogoro, who is the suspect but enter into a criminal incident. You can choose to cooperate with the detective Furuya Rei according to the detective handbook or take another search route with Mouri Ran to help Mouri Kogoro find the truth.



You can follow the official tips and enjoy the fun of investigating and solving crimes. You can also make a photo in the scientific experimental area and take photos of the sights and finally go to the souvenir shop to buy cooperative goods.


This will be a fun and exciting exhibition and must not be missed this summer!



-Title: Detective Conan Science Search Exhibition

-Period: June.7-Sep.16

-Place: National Taiwan Science Education Center,N0.189 Shihshang Road, Shihlin, Taipei, Taiwan 11165, R.O.C



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