Movie version “One Piece” × “House Food Group” tie-up “Let’s dream” campaign started

The House Foods Group is carrying out a tie-up “Let’s dream” campaign with the Movie version “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” released on August 9. In terms of content, “tie-up package product” is released and “Original CM” is on air and “present campaign” is started from July 1st.


In the tie-up package product house “Kokumaro Curry Nakashin One Piece Special Package” with turmeric rice as a special plan product, “Kokumaro Curry” is attached with the elements of turmeric rice, and Luffy and the original recipe are packaged.


There are a total of 7 tie-up recipes, each of which is an original recipe that makes use of the character’s individuality. Recipes can also be viewed on the official website of the House Foods official website, the One Piece campaign special page.



The movie poster image, a draw-down drawing by Eiichiro Oda who is the original author of ONE PIECE, and a tie-up original image are adopted on the “Tongari corn” movie version “One Piece” package surface. “Tongari Corn” is the first product package to be published by Oda Eiichiro’s drawing poster visuals. In addition, on the back of the package, six designs of two tastes are listed.



In addition, “Present Campaign” and broadcast an original tie-up commercial message to support the summer spirit and support for children’s growth. 



-Product: House “Kokumaro Curry Medium Hot One-Piece Special Item” with turmeric rice “

-Capacity: 143 g

-Price: suggested retail price 190 yen (excluding tax)

-Release date: July 1

-Release area: Nationwide


-House “Tongari Corn” Movie version One Piece Package <Light Salt / Grilled Tortoise

-House “Tongari Corn Suite” Movie version One Piece Package <salt caramel taste

-Capacity: 75g / 70g

-Price: Open price (recommended retail price 180 yen excluding tax)

-Release date: July 1

-Release area: Nationwide


<Present campaign>

-Movie version “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” movie-ticket card present campaign

Application period: July 2 10: 00-23, 13:00

※ Apply during the period from the theater version “One Piece” campaign special page.

-Prize shipping: scheduled for early August

-Prize: Movie version “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” movie-ticket card (pair)

-Number of winners: 200 sets of 400 people


-“Original face painting cause you also in the world of ONE PIECE!” Gift campaign

Application period: July 16 12:00 to 22: 23:59

※ We confirm with house food group formula LINE account during the period.

※ You can apply daily during the period.

-Prize: One-piece character and the winner’s original portrait illustration

-Number of Winners: 10




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