Baby-G × Doraemon newly released watch comes to China!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Baby-G series debut, Baby-G collaborated with Doraemon and released two Doraemon iterations of Baby-G watches in China.


With the classic light blue and white, which are the theme colors for Doraemon. The BGD-560 watch comes with a black and white Doraemon cartoon strap to show the past beautiful memories and is selling at 690rmb. The other version is a BA-110 watch that comes with a strap with colored cartoon design to show the wonderful nowadays and future and it costs 990RMB.


And the also comes with a Doraemon figurine as a box to hold the watches. The Doraemon figurine is 18cm wide and 23cm tall, and if you touch its arms, the eyes of Doraemon will change into four expressions.


The commemorative watches are now available at Casio’s China online store.



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