JRA × MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 40th Anniversary! The first original movie released

Japan Central Horse Racing Association (JRA) will collaborate the popular animation of  MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM to celebrate the coming 40th anniversary! The special project named “Gundam JAR-BEYOND THE TURF-” start!


This project was born from the concept of the Mobile Suit Gundam series in common, which is “This presence want to be loved beyond a wide range of generation” and will transmit the appeal of new horse racing.
The original movie “Gundam JRA-BEYOND THE TURF-” is released at the “Gundam JRA” special site, based on the concept “Beyond-Everything is beyond.” The first original movie is narrated by Mr. Mamoru Miyano, who plays the part of Gundam 00.
Many characters beyond the scope of the work appeared, from “Mobile Suit Gundam” to “Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”, and they crossed over with the GI race developed by JRA. In the future, an original movie will be released one after another by narrated by Shua Ikeda, who plays the role of Char Aznable, and Mr. Toru Furuya, who plays the role of Amro Rei.


Also, the previous Arima Warrior Gundam “Hello Gacha” has been powered up and appeared as “Hello Gacha Takarazuka Memorial 00”.The first Grand Prix race in Reiwa “60th Takarazuka Commemoration” and “Gundam 00” collaborate the Gundam Betting Ticket designed by combination of “Gundam 00 character x Mobile Suit” is randomly ticketed.


In addition, the “Hello Gacha Takarazuka Memorial 00 Gundam Betting Tiecket Campaign”, which is linked to the results of the 60th Takarazuka Memorial (bracket quinella), is also being held.





-Title: Gundam JRA Tokyo Racecourse Special Event

-Date and time: June 23 (Sun) Open-※ It will end as soon as the prize runs out

-Prize: Gundam JRA original QUO card 500 yen (limited to 1,000 people)

-How to get involved: As a special edition of Today’s Chance Award for the Visiting Point Campaign, touch the point leader and it will be presented when “winning” comes out.


-Title: Greeting of Gundam and CHAR’S ZAKU>

-Date: June 23 (Sun) 111: 00 to 214: 00

-Place: Fuji View Stand 1st floor East Hall etc




-Special site: https://umabi.jp/gundam-jra/


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