BARBAPAPA’s Pink, Love, and Change exhibition in Taipei

The theme of the exhibition is Pink Love Change.

Pink: the main color and pronunciation are similar to “very” in Taiwan.

Love: Barbapapa’s spirit is full of love for the world, love the environment, love human beings, love animals and love family.

Change: With the ever-changing characteristics of Barbapapa, create a rich and varied modeling scene.

With the exhibition, you can feel the different colors from Barbapapa’s family to understand the more colorful world through them.


BARBAPAPA, who first came to Taiwan to hold an exhibition, gathered the colors of the various characters to create a super-dream nine exhibition area, from BARBAPAPA House to recognize the birth manuscript of BARBAPAPA, or in the “Zoo in Various change ” Experience the most varied style of BARBAPAPA, and the most screaming is definitely “Fun bubble House, Pink Playground, Pink Bubble Starry Sky”.


In addition, the multimedia interaction in the exhibition area allows BARBAPAPA’s picture to move, and also design many photo spots with BARBAPAPA’ s makers like the English alphabet of BARBAPAPA, the puzzle of BARBAPAPA, and the core spirit of BARBAPAPA’s story. There is also an exclusive collection of exclusive BARBAPAPA goods around the scene, waiting for you to take home.




-Title: BARBAPAPA’s Pink, Love, and Change exhibition in Taipei

-Exhibition location: Hall 4B, Huashan Cultural, and Creative Industry Park

-Exhibition period: 2019/06/29 (SAT) ~ 2019/09/22 (SUN)

-Opening hours: 10:00~18:00 (17:30 stop ticket sale and admission)




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