“My Hero Academia × Sanrio Characters” collaboration decision

Toho and Sanrio have decided to collaborate with Sanrio characters and a TV anime “My Hero Academia” (HiroAka) based on the manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha). Collaboration products such as apparel, stationery, and sundries will be released in July from Tokyu Hands nationwide!


“My Hero Academia” is a series of over 22 million copies of comics series, TV anime broadcasting has started through 16 years, and the 4th term, which will be the latest series from October this year. In addition, the first animation movie version was released in 2018 and a huge hit was recorded, and it is a popular series that the latest movie is scheduled to be released this winter. 

This collaboration design combines 9 characters of Izuku Midoriya, known as “HiroAka” including the so-called “Dek”, and 9 characters of Sanrio including Hello Kitty. 

Designers of Sanrio have newly drawn a scene where the characters of “HiroAka” with the supernatural power “personality” and the characters of Sanrio form a tag, and each of them activates “personality” for the fans.

Commercialization plans to release apparel, stationery, sundries, and other products from manufacturers. Future information will be released on collaboration Twitter of “My Hero Academia x Sanrio Characters” as needed. Also, in July, TokyoHands across the country will decide to launch in advance, and the details will be announced on the special site as needed. 

Introduction of Main characters in collaboration 


<Rei Sun Ochako x My Melody>

“Ryoichi Occhan”

A bright and unbacked character, a good understanding of Dek. “Individuality” is “Zero Gravity”.

“My melody” A girl who is cheerful and bright, thinking of her younger brother. The treasure is a cute hood made by her grandma.


<Iida Tengu × Synamorol>

“Iida Tengu”

Dek’s classmate’s goods righteous boy. It’s a so-called elite born and raised in a hero family. “Individuality” is “engine”.


A white koi boy born on a cloud in the distant sky. The special skill is to fly the sky by smashing large ears.


<All Might × Hello Kitty>

“All Might”

No.1 hero also called the symbol of peace. He had an “individual” one for all and gave it to him.

“Hello Kitty”

Height is 5 apples. Weight is for three apples. Bright and kind girl. She’s favorite food is apple pie made by mom.



-“My Hero Academia × Sanrio Characters” Special Site: https://www.th-mha-s.com

-Collaboration official Twitter: https://twitter.com/heroaca_sanrio

 -“My Hero Academia” anime official site: http://heroaca.com

-Anime official Twitter: http://twitter.com/heroaca_anime/

– Anime Official Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/heroaca_insta/


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