A day of Line Friends in Watsons in Taiwan

“Watson’s” and “LINE FRIENDS” collaboration was launched the “A little Trips” event from May 30th to July 31st. When you spend 200 yuan or more, you can get 1 point, and if you can increase the point by 5 or 8, you can increase in price to get a collaboration item. There are a total of 5 travel essentials, from suitcases, mugs, hair dryers, accompanying cups to latex pillows. Do you want Brown Bear, Sally or Cony? 


The 20-inch transparent embossed board design is absolutely appealing but also intimate with a large Brown Bear storage bag, which is easier to collect private small things!

  • Limited edition of 10,000 
  • 8 points +999TWD 
  • Limited time: 5/30-7/03


Brown and Sally are the two characters, who are super cute, and the attached pine base can be used for mobile phones in addition to the pad.

  • Material: Ceramic mug + pine coaster
  • Specifications: Capacity 250ml
  • 5 points + 99TWD
  • Limited time: 5/30-7/03



If you want to be environmentally friendly and love the earth, you must not miss the cup.

  • bag + thick straw + straw brush + mason cup + bounce cover, 5 in one
  • Material: Glass Mason Cup + stainless steel straw
  • Specifications: Capacity 700ml
  • 8 points +199TWD or 45 points for free
  • Limited time: 5/30-7/31


Hairdryer in your life is every day used, but this Sally dryer is with travel super convenient, there are three sections of wind speed free regulation, and intimate contains negative ions can smooth hair dry.

  • Three-stage wind speed adjustment, negative ion smoothing
  • Foldable, hot and cold air button for one-second switching
  • Specifications: Voltage 110V, power 1200W
  • 8 points + 699TWD or 70 points for free
  • Limited Time:5/30-7/31


There are many other useful goods you can use in your daily life, which is actually a day of line friends!





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