GraceGift x “Sailor Moon” latest collection in Taiwan!

GraceGift, the ladies fashional brand in Taiwan started to sell the collaboration with the Sailor Moon on the official website from May 22.

Your favorite “thick-soled old-fashioned shoes”, designed combined with the ultra-dream “Sailor Moon”, is the latest series of collaboration launched by GraceGift.


Besides the “thick-soled old-fashioned shoes”, sweet and lovely Sailor Moon and her fellow guardians Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, such as the color of  “Sailor Uniform” is turned into bags and shoes, a series of ultra-fantasy fashion items to choose from.


Sailor Moon’s  “Pink + Dark Blue”, Sailor Mercury’s “Light Blue”, Sailor Mars’ “Deep Purple + Red”, Sailor Venus’s “Dark Blue + Yellow”, Sailor Jupiter’s “Light Pink + Green”, Super Dreamy Maca Dragon color, let fans who even are not Sailor Moon fall in love!


Although the style of Loafers has no colorful colors, the dark red ribbon + gold transforming body, with black, skin color, pink Lok Fu shoes, also presents a unique and elegant temperament. After removing the bow, the Loafers are also a youthful design with sense!


The Sailor Moon series of high heels has returned to GraceGift’s past sexy and combining the elements of the bandage with the color of the Crescent Moon Scepter.


GraceGift x Sailor Moon has launched the following four bags in addition to the three shoe designs! The backpack and the Tote bag are the same as the shoes, which are inspired by the sailor uniforms. They are also more dreamy and bold in color matching.




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