“Aladdin” Movie release commemoration! OH MY CAFE limited open, the original menu and goods from characters in “Aladdin” appeared

Legs will open limited OH MY CAFE in Tokyo and Osaka from June to commemorate the release of Disney’s latest live-action version “Aladdin”.


Disney’s latest work, “Aladdin”, is a story about a poor youth Aladdin who wants to change his life; a princess Jasmine, who fight for freedom, and Genie, who lived in the “Magician of the Lamp” can fulfill the“three wishes”.
The exciting adventure and true love between the Aladdin and Princess Jasmine is the ultimate entertainment that drew many people.
You can enjoy a space that is dyed with the visuals of “Aladdin”, which is based on the theme of “love, friendship, friends, fraternity” and the whole story of individual characters with the concept is “LOVE”.
The original menu that expresses the world of “Aladdin” is the Magical Lamp Curry, which is based on a design by a magical lamp; a special wrap sandwich that is eaten by wrapping ingredients on a magic carpet-like light-baked pan, and the colourful fruits tea, which is expanded the love from Aladdin & Jasmine, and smoothies based on the colour of Raja and Genie.



Original goods based on characters are Aladdin & Jasmine, Genie’s acrylic key chain, charm, acrylic badge, and iPhone case, etc.









-Place 1: OH MY CAFE TOKYO (Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku store)

-Period 1: June 14 (Fri)-July 15 (Mon)

-Place 2: Kawara CAFE & DINING Shinsaibashi store

-Period 2: June 15 (Sat)-July 15 (Mon)

-Reservation method: June 4 (Tuesday) 16:00 site OPEN, 17:00 reservation start

Pre-reserved person limited cafe use privilege: One “original lunch mat (two random)”

※ pattern cannot be selected

※ Specifications may change



-“Aladdin” official site: https://www.disney.co.jp/movie/aladdin.html

-“Aladdin” OH MY CAFE official site: https://magic.ohmycafe.jp

-OH MY CAFE Tokyo Twitter: https://twitter.com/ohmycafe_tokyo



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