This summer, Conan will once again be a big jack in Lagunasia!

Laguna Ten Bosch is a theme park that runs a special event collaborated with the TV anime “Detective Conan” about “Detective Conan vs Kaleidoscope of the Sea God in Lagunasia” from July 6 to September 30.


In this event, based on a notice letter that arrived at the paradise of the sea “Lagunasia”, together with Conan, gathered clues from letters throughout Lagnasia, and solving the mystery rally of Kaleidoscope of the Sea God in the garden to challenge the illusionist “Kaito Kid” under the moon. In addition, the love hearts of Shinichi & Orchid, Hiraji & Waoba passing by two couples set on the flower lagoon, the mystery solving rally of two kinds of love that is solved from the diary of Shinichi and Orchid (Fortune Flower) will be held, and you can enjoy two major attractions.


In addition, familiar characters appearing in “Detective Conan” appear everywhere in the park, and they can experience the world of “Detective Conan” and can take photographs at photo spots. As the same time, the greetings will be held that you can meet “Conan” in the daytime and “Kid” every night for 20 minutes each six times a day. They plan to sell original goods limited to events, and they can experience the world of “Detective Conan”.

Seven-Eleven stores nationwide and Laguna Ten Bosch website sell Lagunasia tickets, two major attractions, and special event tickets with event-limited pins. A passport that allows you to get on the target attraction any number of times will have a 200 yen discount ticket.



Detective Conan Kanagami (Kaleidoscope) in Lagunasia of the Sea God (Wada Tsumi)

Period: Saturday, July 6-Monday, September 30

Time: Lagunasia opening-19:00 ※ It varies according to the day of the week and time.

Location / Fee:

“Kaleidoscope of the Sea God” 500 yen (including a prize) once in Lagunasia Garden

“Fortune Flower” 500 yen once in the Lagunasia Flower Lagoon area (Select Shinichi course, Orchid course)

※ Separate Lagunasia admission fee is required.

<Event Special Ticket>

Detective Conan vs kaleidoscope event special ticket

Sales period: June 7 (Fri) to September 30 (Mon) noon

Sales locations: Seven-Eleven stores nationwide and Laguna Ten Bosch website

Fee: See website





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