The Little Mermaid collaborated with Lotin in Taiwan!

This year just happened to meet the 30th anniversary of Disney’s “Little Mermaid” cartoon release, the jewelry brand lotin, which is a brand corporated with Disney in Taiwan, will launch a series of light jewelry collaborations, and start to sell from 5/31!main.JPG

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is different from Andersen’s version, tells the story of a mermaid princess named Ariel who dreams of becoming human, after falling in love with a human prince named Eric. Finally, she exchanged her own voice for the happy ending with the prince and accepted all loved by audiences.

This time, the series of Lotin’s collaborated series is different from the past. There is all total of 6 new products, including Bracelet, Pearl chain, Necklace, and Earrings, you can choose your favorite one to wear to feel the love from Ariel.



The most special one is the long red hair of Ariel, which is made of rose gold. The ingenuity that makes the editors feel romantic is the blue diamond on the tail of Ariel’s fishtail. It is the blue eyes that represent the prince. Wearing this necklace is like being romantic with a love story!


Of course, this series will also have classic asymmetrical earrings that Lotin has always launched.






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