Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank × Minions collaborated Credit Card debut at Taiwan!

The only collaboration of credit card between Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank in Taiwan and Minions is on the way!


There are two types of card, named following the popular language in Minions, which are Bello and BeeDo.

The Bello feedback card

Domestic consumption 1.234%

Foreign consumption 2.234%

Global Universal Studios up to 10% feedback (monthly limit NT$500)


The BeeDo installment card

Domestic consumption 0.6%

Foreign consumption 1.5%

Single full NT$3000 points and 6 periods of zero interest rate (default)


In addition, the new card friend, who fill NT$3,000 within 3 months or the old card friend, who spend NT$10,000, they could enjoy the exclusive limited gifts.

Super healing fan

Happy Umbrella (recommended)


And there are many feedback events following the debut, please check the homepage!


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