Evangelion (EVA) TEST TYPE -01/PRODUCTION MODEL-02 appearance in scissors!

Nikken-Cutlery will launch the collaboration between Evangelion’s Unit 01 test type/02 production model and scissors on June 5 utilizing the technology of traditional industries, which is carefully produced one by one by a craftsman from a long-old maker in the Gifu, Seki city. The place is famous for the scissors.


The company has been manufacturing sharp scissors for over 70 years, and this time it is a collaboration with the fashionable work brand “ATFIELD EVANGELION WORK” that incorporates the world-view of the world-famous animation work “Evangelion” to develop the EVA TEST TYPE-01 and 02 PRODUCTION MODEL scissors.

The EVA TEST TYPE-01  is serrated with a fine grazed blade in the blade, so it is difficult to miss what is cut, and it is possible to cut and hold a carpet or aramid fiber firmly. The design incorporates purple and green in the image of EVA TEST TYPE-01  in the color, and the handle section contains the model name of EVA TEST TYPE-01.


The EVE PRODUCTION MODEL-02 is able to reliably catch, bite and cut ropes and wires by inserting a large U-shaped blade in addition to a fine Giza blade on the blade. The design incorporates the red and yellow colors of EVE PRODUCTION MODEL-02 into the color, and the handle portion contains the model name of EVA PRODUCTION MODEL-02.


Both models come with a cap for safe carrying. When storing in the toolbox, you can carry it safely without damaging the tip of the scissors. In addition, the marks of “Special Administrative Agency NERV (Nerufu)” appearing in the collaboration are in the blade section respectively.sub-5.jpg

【Product Summary】
A. T. FIELD Craft scissors Unit 01 TEST TYPE (color: purple, green)
A. T. FIELD Craft scissors Unit 02 PRODUCTION MODEL (color: red, yellow)
Release date: June 5 (Wed.)
Material: Blade Stainless steel blade steel







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