Taiwan’s first “Disney Mickey Rice Cooker” is on sale!

Although Mickey’s 90th anniversary has been passed, the brands continue to collaborate with Disney, and this time it finally turns to the kitchen item “rice cooker” for everyone! Taiwan’s first “Disney Mickey Rice Cooker” was launched by the home appliance agent Hesper.


This time, the rice cooker is divided into three categories: “Classic Red”, “Macaron Blue” and “Texture Black”. The “Classic Red” is designed with the most classic Mickey’s classic red, white and black colors. The background is Black and red, printed with super happy Mickey himself, let people smile and smile with it; “Macaron Blue” is printed with Mickey’s big kiss pattern, plus love words are very healing, and the blue just echoes this early summer season is very warm and comfortable; “Texture Black” is a low-key luxury black gilt plus the uncommon matte material of the kitchen to present the textured side, subverting the common Mickey look, even for boys.


The lids of the three electric pans are also specially designed to be Mickey, which is very cute. Putting the rice cooker in the kitchen can also add a bright spot to this space that condenses everyone, whether it is cute or used.



-Title: Taiwan’s first “Disney Mickey Rice Cooker”
-Period: From 5/21


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