“Cinnamoroll” participates in the Junon Superboy Contest Attracting viewers with big-ear “ear table tennis” and advancing to BEST 100

On May 27, Sanrio announced that “Cinnamoroll” had made inroads into the “32th Junon Super Boy Contest BEST 100” sponsored by Housewife and Seimeisha.


“Cinnamoroll” won the Sanrio Character Award for 2017 and 2018 continuously, and it is a provisional 2nd place in the mid-term announcement of 2019 being held, and it is a character that boasts huge popularity among young women.
This qualifying session is distributed from the JUNON official account in the video distribution service “SHOWROOM”, and while the viewer watches over, it shows “ear table tennis” which was trained for this day. Shaking the big ear which is a charm point to the left and right, it succeeded in handsome appeal by skillful ball control and advanced to BEST100. This is the first achievement in the long Sanrio history. From now on, “Cinnamoroll” will aim for the Grand Prix and will first aim for a finalist by popular vote.


The 32nd JUNON Super Boy Contest will be held on November 24th. About half a year until then, “Cinnamoroll” aims to win a Grand Prix, and will carry out various activities, and plans to disseminate “Cinamoroll” more than ever.


<Plan for future activities>

June 22 (Sat): The entry sheet submitted by “Cinamoroll” in the “JUNON August issue” will be posted

June 22 (Sat)-June 30 (Sun): The BEST 50 final match will be held in the monthly magazine “JUNON”, the mobile site “Platinum ☆ JUNON”, “CHEERZ for JUNON”, “SHOWROOM”.



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