HelloKitty x McDonald’s collaboration pillows are super hot!

McDonald’s in Taiwan will launch a new “Hello Kitty” collaboration pillow this year, and the theme is the African beasts. The cute hello kitty wear the 4 types of animal costumes, showing invincible contrast to get the super-healing feeling to make you feel good to sleep.


2019 Global, Taiwan McDonald’s limited listing “Cute Beast Adventure Pillow” has a total of 4 models, including naughty little crocodile, Super Q hippo, sweetheart pink crane and vitality lion king, the first wave launched at 11 am on May 15, including the naughty little crocodile and the Super Q hippo pillow. And at 11 o’clock on the morning of May 22, the sweetheart pink crane and the vital lion continued to debut, and the whole set was limited to 120,000.


If you purchase any package in the restaurant and increase the price by 299 yuan (until sold out), you can get one. In addition to the exclusive design in the world, the surface of the pillow is short plush, soft and gentle to the touch, and it is lovely and rolling in your arms.



-Period: 5/15~6/18

-Place: McDonald’s in Taiwan






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