Characters of Disney and Pixar appear in the GU T-shirt! Start selling at stores and online stores in Japan

“YOUR FREEDOM is free to renew yourself.” the branding message of GU will start to the first time collaboration with Disney and Pixar from May 27th, all collaborations are sold at GU’s stores including online stores nationwide in Japan.


Disney is transformed into a trendy outdoor styling with the popular character Mickey Mouse and his friends appear on vintage T-shirts. In the men’s T-shirt, illustrations in which the characters enjoy the sea are drawn, and in contrast, women’s T-shirt is drawn full of the mountain outdoor. The characters drawn in different scenes will make fans crazier.

Disney / Pixar sells kids’ T-shirts and loungewear, using characters from the popular anime “Toy Story” series. There is a wide variety of collaborations, such as simple designs like one point to designs or all popular characters gathered lively. Attention is focused on the items in the “Toy Story” series, which will be released on July 12 with the long-awaited “Toy Story 4”.




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