Brown Bear dirty bread, Sally butterfly crips, etc. the most delicious collaboration in Korea

The Brown bear, Sally chicken, or Cony rabbit, the popular characters of line friends appear on the delicious food in Korea!

Line friends have recently started to collaborate with the ancestor of dirty bread “Our Bakery” and “cafe jinjungsung” to launch a series of super cute dessert or drinks. If you have a chance to go to Korea, please get the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage!


In addition to the dirty bread, there is a super cute butterfly cake! Decorated with different colors of chocolate for the butterfly crisp, it perfectly reproduces the Brown, Sally, and Cony. And the most interesting part is the mouth of the three is made of chocolate!sub-1.jpg

The collaboration with OUR Bakery will last until June 2nd and will be sold every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is only available at LINE FRIENDS Itaewon, Linyin Road, Hongdae flagship store, OUR bakery, and Shimayamamoto. shop.

Line friends also cooperate with the cafe jinjungsung to introduce canned milk tea in special packaging, and even a homemade milk tea toolset, which is perfect for giving your friends as a gift!





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