HOLA launched Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh” collaboration, with a limited edition of 5000 copies of mysterious gifts

HOLA is a Home Improvement Center in Taiwan, and collaborated with Disney to launch a collaboration with the classic character “Winnie the Pooh”, which will once again let fans getting crazy about “Go! Go to HOLA to see Winnie.”


This collaboration is very extensive, and it is involved in the home series, including every aspect in your life and the Winne will around you if you want, it could be everywhere in your house. From the cute Winnie 20cm frying pan to show you a smile in morning breakfast. And there also have the cotton cool quilt and the water-absorbing mat in the bathroom.


This time, HOLA launched the four warm styling pillows and the comic-shaped Winnie in the entrance mat, which means Winnie will at the door to greet you back home.


Of course, there are special shopping bags and double-layered glass bottles, Pooh’s styling incense, and multi-purpose Winnie print curtains.


In addition, each item comes with a scratch card, a bag with a prize, and the opportunity to get the favorite honey and other related products!






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