Puzzle App × Kanaheis Small Animals Piske & Usagi “Fly away Rocket!” debut! ” over 150,000 downloads in Japan and Taiwan

Studio Fake updated the additional functions in the grand open version of “Fly away Rocket!” at May 15, the puzzle app collaborated with the TV Tokyo Communications, who has the right for advertising, commercialization, and imaging the characters Kanaheis Small Animals Piske & Usagi.


This work is a match-3 type series puzzle game using popular illustrator and manga artist “Kanahei” ‘s masterpiece “Kanaheis Small Animals Piske & Usagi”.
The Android version as initial distribution on January 19 and the iOS version in February of the same time in Japan and Taiwan are simultaneously released, and more than 150,000 users downloaded it.

This grand opening version will be a formal version that reflects the voice of customers from the initial version. In the future, they plan to distribute the English version in Hong Kong(China), China or other countries in the world around.


In the game, Piske & Usagi collect various food with puzzles and make rockets with microwave and aim at going home of the earth.

Depending on the progress of the story, you can get 2 cute items and slide background, and by using the camera shooting function, you can use 2 images taken in the game and send it to an acquaintance or friend by SNS post or email attachment. Also, for those who love Kanaheis but are not good at puzzles games, there are charge items that will be helpful with clearing and finish the game.




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