Toy Story × Taiwan local Beauty Brand “FreshO2”

In order to advance the Toy Story 4 that will be released on the hot summer, the latest Disney Toy Story and Taiwan’s local beauty brand FreshO2 have launched a number of brightly colored collaboration goods.
This time, the Toy Story series crossover to the make-up area contains 7 products including lipstick, eye shadow palette, and high gloss powder. The toy story classic characters Little Green Man, Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear, Rex, Hamm, Mrs.Potato Head all appear on it, so, the whole set of make-up is really worth to collect all!


In this cooperation product, there are two eye shadow palettes, which are the earth color with character Mr.Potato Head and the rose color of the character Mrs.Potato Head.


And the cute character Little Green Man appears at the high gloss powder, which is suitable with the out of summer because of it fits the skin and not easy to fly and can improve the pearlescent effect by 70%


This collaboration also launched four toy story series “No Gravity Stocking Lipstick”, which is made by four good friends to show a long-lasting, non-fading color as like a long friendship between the four characters.


-Title: Toy Story X Taiwan local Beauty Brand “FreshO2”
-Period: From 4/30


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