“Spider-Man” × “Pizza Potato” has a collaboration! “Calbee-plus Tokyo Station” also carries out in-store collaboration decoration

Calbee will start to sell the collaboration with the latest movie “Spiderman: Far From Home” to be screened on June 28.
This collaboration is using a limited package including the topping cheese of “Pizza Potato” with the flavor of “Pizza Potato” and “Pizza Potato Margherita” and will be started to sell from May 13 at convenience stores.


In commemoration of collaboration limited package,” Calbee-plus” all 9 shops  “Spider-man x pizza potato” collaboration menu will be sold for a limited time from May 16 to 26.

In addition, “Calbee-plus Tokyo Station” will be titled “Spider-Man x Pizza Potato” in the shop during the period will be “Spider-man x Pizza Potato” collaboration decoration. On the first day of the event, Spider-Man would be appeared and enlivened the store.


The “Collaboration Menu” is offered as “spider cheese sauce” can use as much as you like on the pizza potato-flavored croquettes. In addition, “Spider-Man: Far from Home” official stickers will be a gift presented to the first 30 customers of each store during the period.


【Product Summary】
-Title: All-you-can-eat spider cheese sauce Pizza potato taste croquette
-Price: 310 yen (tax included)
-Period: May 16 (Thu) to 26 (Sun)
-Shops: Calbee Plus: 9 shops (Tokyo Station, Shin Chitose Airport, Harajuku Takeshita-dori, Ebina SA, Shinsaibashi, Osaka LaLaport EXPOCITY, Kobe Harborland umie, Hiroshima Station, Okinawa International Street)


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