“Masked Rider” × “ZINVO” (watch brand) the first collaboration! The transformation belt as a motif

Bandai official shopping site “Premium Bandai” starts to sell the collaboration items from “Masked Rider x ZINVO (Jinbo)”  from May 9th. The watch brand “ZINVO (Jimbo)” from the United States, and the “Masked Rider” is a special effects program that started broadcasting in 1971.


The collaboration is originated from the popular series of “ZINVO”, “BLADE COLLECTION,” collaborated with Masked Rider. The strap is a durable and thick design and is made of high-quality cowhide, and the color of the strap is all three colors.


It is designed to rotate the second hand of a watch like a turbine, and be reminiscent of Masked Rider’s transformation belt “Typhoon”. In addition, the mortar-shaped large case is given a dignity feeling, and show you a certain presence and individuality. The glass part of the surface is printed with the mark of the bike shop in “Tachibana Racing Club” of the Masked Rider and the brand logo of “ZINVO”.



【Product Summary】

-Title: Masked Rider × ZINVO (Jinbo) collaboration watch

-Period: May 9-End as soon as the number of preparations is reached

-Type: All three (white, red, black)

-Price: 56,160 yen each (tax included) (shipping fee separately)

-Target age: 15 years old or more






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