The collaboration of HELLO KITTY × OLOGY@Carrefour in Taiwan

Because of this year is the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Huayan International Music already has two cooperation plans with Sanrio.
In February, Jiang Hongjie and Fukuhara Ai in Taiwan became the ambassador of Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary. It was announced in April that the collaboration of HELLO KITTY X OLOGY will debut, which make fans into crazy discussions.


This is also the first time the popular character, Ology chicken in Taiwan with Sanio cooperation, the illustrator looked forward to discovering more sparks in different emotions with the two cute characters but worried about may be difficult to find the same characteristics of the two characters.
For this joint opportunity, Sanrio said: “With HuaYan International Music is starting from the joint name of Egg Yolk and Malay. The personality of the two characters is too close, it is a feeling of laziness and nothing, and this year is just the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty. We hope to have some feelings like Hello Kitty, or different. On the other hand, I hope that I can bring out more appearances of Hello Kitty by following the portraits of different personalities. It can be cute, playful, witty, etc. and through this cooperation, you can reach consumers of different ages.”



At present, it is the first to expose the picnic canvas bags and umbrellas in the collaboration products. They all have two colors to choose, which is very cute to see!



The first wave of products already took the lead in Carrefour activities, and will continue to introduce stickers, stationery, groceries, and many other items to meet you!
-Title: HELLO KITTY X OLOGY@Carrefour
-Date: Apr.10-May.15
-Content: 4/10~4/30 If you buy above 888 TWD + 99 TWD you can get canvas bags
5/1~5/15 If you buy above 888 TWD + 99 TWD you can get umbrellas





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