“Snoopy and Friends” become a shaving item and debut! Limited release of “Chic x Snoopy” first collaboration product from late April

Schick Japan is releasing a limited number of women’s shaving products in collaboration from the end of April with the popular character “Snoopy”, which is loved around the world.


“Snoopy” is a character of the popular comic “PEANUTS”, and is a character loved by women of various ages because of its unique expression and uniqueness of gesture. The collaboration with “Snoopy”, is the first for Schick, has developed a limited number of “Snoopy” design handles, and “Bell” and “Woodstock” will also appear.


“Schick Intuition (for skin moist and sensitive skin)” has two patterns of Woodstock, “Snoopy” and “Bell” with pastel colors. It also develops “for trial use (one spare blade attached)”.”Schick Premium Sensitive Skin L Despoliation” and “Schick Prepare L Despoliation for Face” are limited products with different characters and pastel colors from “Snoopy”, “Bell” and “Woodstock” on the handle.



In addition, a limited number of Schick shavers for women and two sets of original pouches are available. “Schick Intuition Fab” and “Sick Intuition (for stiff and moist skin)” are set with “Snoopy” pouches with sunglasses perfect for summer, “Schick hydro silk” and “Schick hydro silk trim style”, a lovely pouch of “Snoopy & Bell” based on pink.







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