“PEACH JOHN” × “Minion” is a collaboration! the inspired scent from your favorite banana

Peach John will be releasing bust and hip care items in collaboration with the popular character “Minions” on the Peach John official site and Namba shop on April 30 and National stores will release from May 3rd.


The lineup of this collaboration is long-selling cream for the bust “Bom Bust Cream Rich” and cream for hips “Hippur Medicinal White Cream”. The big stars in the Minions, “Kevin”, “Stuart” and “Bob”, who have particularly many fans were used as a limited edition package. The scent is banana x Pina Colada that makes you feel sweet and cheerful, which are inspired by “Minions”.
In addition, until May 22nd, JTB travel tickets for 30,000 yen are also carrying out a present campaign in which three people are drawn by lottery.



“Bom Bust Cream Rich” (left)

“Hiripune Medicinal White Cream” (right)



Bomb bust cream rich

Price: 2,980 yen (excluding tax)

Capacity: 150 g

Hippur Medicinal White Cream

Price: 1,980 yen (excluding tax)

Capacity: 120g





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