Adidas × Pokémon collaboration on sale! Healing cute look!

As the live-action movie “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu” is about to be released, Pokémon can be seen slowly in various trendy brands and fashions. Not long ago, the online exposure of two pairs of Adidas and POKÉMON collaboration series shoes, the Pikachu and Squirtle embroidery on the shoes, enough to make fans into crazy.


In addition to hand-embroidered embroidery, the shoes are also printed with a full POKÉMON pattern, gray print, so that the whole pair of shoes is not too fancy. There is also a joint label between Adidas and POKÉMON on the tongue. As a Pokémon master, can you wait to take the two pairs of shoes at once?


Apart from the shoes that have been exposed before, from May 7th, you can also buy more collaboration items, such as bags, and dolls or badges will fell in the gift box. Don’t miss this chance as you like because they all limited!




-Title: Adidas X Pokémon collaboration on sale

-Date: From May.7

-Place: 15 shops in China







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