[LINE FRIENDS] 2019.9.7 The world’s First Music Road Run in Taipei!

The world’s first “LINE FRIENDS Music Road Run” will land in Taipei at Sept.7th in 2019!



The concept of the road running event is “Music Party x Road Run x Fun Club”, which is very popular in foreign countries. It is the first time in Taipei, which looks forward to giving LINE FRIENDS fans the best and most fun summer experience.

A variety of different “Music Stations” will be set up in all 4km running, and each station will play different styles of music, from rock, electric, lyrics, etc, so that every runner can find your favorite music!

Enjoying the music, the jog, even the walk or shaking, the whole road running is a super big party for you all!


LINE FRIENDS music road breaks the traditional road running mode, moves the road running time to the evening, avoids the pain of hot summer sun and early wake up in the morning, let you listen to music and run easily.
And if you sign up for the event, you can get super cute brown Bear or Bunny Rabbit T-Shirt, cute and practical back pocket, and many more limited LINE FRIENDS merchandise!


Event Details

-Title: LINE FRIENDS Music Road Run

-Place: Taipei

-Date: Sept.7th

-Time: 16:30 to 20:00

-Pre-Sign up: Apr.11th-14th

-Sign up: Apr.16th-June.19th





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