The collaboration site of “special bicycle races” with “Ultraman” is open!

The JKA, the organizer of a special bicycle race in 2019, prior to the race to be held on April 30 to May 5 days, was published the special collaboration site by the Ultraman series. A total of 10 Ultraman will appear and quiz Battle with Ultra Monsters!


Summary of the event

1. Original goods of the ultra battle quiz.

You can battle with the monster in the ultra world! there are 5 quizzes there, if you win 4 or more, you have the chance to apply for the original goods. In addition, by participating in the quiz battle, we will also carry out a W chance that the electronic money gift Ejoica of 5000 yen can be selected.


<Prize contents>

Prize A: Original towel 20 people

Prize B: Car ticket style original sticky note 40

Prize C: Original QUO card 500 yen 40 people

W chance: Selectable electronic money gift Ejoica 5000 yen for 5 people




2. Learn the charm of a special bike race “Dadao and Kanekichi Ultra Keirin Road”
“Dadao” of “Dada” and “Kanekichi” of Kanegon who heard that the star monster, “Zenzo”, is crazy about the racetracks and visits the racetracks throughout the country and learns about the special racetracks it is. In addition to useful information for actual race predictions such as knowledge about each race and the characteristics of each racetrack bank, you can also learn more about the attractions other than races.



3. The limited original washcloth by the arrival
During the special race event period, the exclusive washcloths drawn by Ultraman will be presented in limited quantities at the race halls and off-site ticket shops throughout the country.
Ultraman collaborating on a total of 10 special race rings will develop a washcloth series that changes every time. The first will be held during the Japanese Championship race (April 30-May 5).



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