“The New Prince of Tennis” and Zoff, long-awaited collaboration is decided!

The glasses brand “Zoff”, started ordering the glasses at the Zoff online store from April 22, which is the first collaboration with the popular work “The New Prince of Tennis”.


The illustration of the character with glasses is a must-see content for fans of this collaboration. At the same time as booking starts, all illustrations and product details are being published on Zoff online store and Zoff official Twitter.

Because first-time collaboration, The New Prince of Tennis x Zoff, has developed a total of 10 types of 2 lines: Private Line and School Line.

The private line is all four types of “Echizen Ryoma”, “Atobe Keigo”, “Yukimura Seichi” and “Shiroishi Kuranosuke”. The school line is “Seigaku “, “Hie Tei”, “Rikkai”, “Higa” and “Shitenhoji”, the five schools which were participated in the national tournament of tennis. In addition, the special MEGANE ☆ SEVEN Line for the unit that appears in the collaboration will be combined, and all 10 types glasses will be released.


Each glasses with its drawn illustration wipe and original design of the glass case will be set in the collaboration. In addition, one limited batch using with drawn illustrations is presented for each one pair of glasses.
This product will be a made-to-order product. Prior to accepting the reservation, the collaboration glasses are displayed at Zoff Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa store and Tenipristo (Shinjuku Maruianex 1st floor) from April 19 to May 26.




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