「Karadanote」x 「BARBAPAPA」collaboration campaign

Since April 1st, Karadanote and StylingLife Holdings Plaza Style Company has been collaborating with Barbapapa, carrying out a limited-time campaign with original goods and special web page.

Its mission is to support family health, increase more smiles, and deploy tool applications and media for pregnant and parenting mothers.


Produced original goods such as gauze handkerchiefs, noodle cutters, maternity & baby photo cards, and Barbapapa and his family will appear on the campaign page.

Meal apron and a mother-child notebook case will be in the plan in the future.





-BARBAPAPA collaboration:https://mamab.jp/lp/mail_magazine/top?type=bp

-Information of Karadanote :https://corp.karadanote.jp/



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