Pokemon’s first official baby brand “monpoké” is born.

Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. announced its first official baby brand “monpoké” from popular Pokemon is born.monpoke01.jpg

Targeting a new generation of moms and dad, the concept is “Hi-Sense”, “High Quality”, “Designs the Adults want”, and “Gifts”.

Expand design and quality products that can be used by parents and children, targeting maternity mothers to children around 36 months.

The main visual expresses Pokemon with a soft and soft impression for the brand.

The brand logo is a colorful and fun impression, yet it has an elegant design that can be held easily by adults.

It is a logo that symbolizes the new Pokemon brand combined with simple typography.

“Cacdo” will be in charge of development for brand naming and logo design, and special collaborations such as product packaging and product design will be developed in the future.



・monpoké Official site:https://monpoke.jp/


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