Hello Kitty’s first Hollywood movie!

Produced by New Line Cinema, worldwide distribution by Warner Bros..

Sanrio and Warner Bros. announced that, as the first one among Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty is going to have a worldwide distributing movie. The project would be produced by New Line Cinema under Warner Bros., which is famous for the production of the worldwide famous movie ‘Lord of the Ring’.main (3).jpg

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Sanrio, New Line Cinema and Flynn Picture join hand together and agreed to use the worldwide beloved Sanrio character IP Hello Kitty as the new topic of the movie. The distributor would be Warner Bros., the fans overseas can also enjoy the first Hello Kitty movie at the cinema.

Beau Flynn from Flynn Picture would be the producer while Wendy Jacobson would be the executive producer of the movie.

The production is still under development, so all the details (animation, CG, etc.) are still to be confirmed.

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